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Scottish is steadily growing every year since the launch in March 2000, and with the new advertising format we expect the site to continue to grow. The economic climate is not the best, so Motorsport oriented companies should look at using Scottish as another mechanism to generate sales.

Scottish is not funded by an external organisation, entity or association, just one Motorsport fanatic who is wanting to increase the profile and awareness of the sport.

The advertising rates are cheap very cheap its Free, and the target market is already captured, and growing. If everyone helps out, it will ensure that the website will stay alive for the benefit of the Motorsport community.

Recent advertising poles suggest that Website advertising is on the increase, while traditional TV and Newspaper advertising is slowly declining. This is due to the nature of people lives. We spend less time watching TV, or mute or fast forward through ads, and we tend to not purchase a newspaper because we can quickly jump onto the internet to catch up with the latest news, as it happens.

To advertise on Scottish simply fill in the contacts form with the required information and we will do the rest.

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